#1 [Xem Phim] Đứa Trẻ Bị Nguyền [FULL HD]

#1 [Xem Phim] Đứa Trẻ Bị Nguyền [FULL HD]

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Cursed Child

The Hollow Child (2018)

  • Status : Full HD
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  • Publishing year : 2018
  • Category : Horrified
  • Nation : U.S. UK
  • Director : Jeremy Lutter
  • Cast : Jana Mitsoula, John Emmet Tracy, Hannah Cheramy, Jessica McLeod
  • Evaluate : 9 (2 turns)

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Movie Cursed Child (2018)

The Hollow Child (2018) Full HD Vietsub + narration horror- ghost is set when darkness covers a small town, where Samantha, a troubled teenage girl, is struggling to find She is a foster family to which she truly belongs. Her current adoptive parents include Liz, Garrett and younger sister Olivia. One day, out of carelessness in her decision, Samantha left Olivia lost in the woods behind the house. Then there was an intense search but everything was bleak until 3 days later, Olivia returned as if nothing had happened.

Watch the movie Dua tre bi nguyen 2018 – However, Sam has gradually realized the difference in Olivia’s behavior and doubts the truth of the person who is “disguising” his sister. Perhaps her sister really never returned from the dark forest, where there are so many secrets and dangers lurking that Olivia did not betray the first victim. Before it’s too late, Sam must go on a lone journey to unravel this mystery before an ancient evil species with terrifying threats destroys her family from within. Let’s see!

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